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Using the Exam Pen saves money and is a more unobtrusive solution

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Company Profile


Allin Technology has been involved with the Wizcomtech range since 2011, the company has also got 25 years familiarity with the education market, its needs and the continuous changes it is undergoing through the years. Throughout that period we have been involved in the supply of a wide range of ICT products, including the outsourcing of the whole Schools ICT in more than 200 schools.

This helped us choose products and tailor our services to assist: Schools, Universities,  Colleges, including students and staff to make the most of our product offer and cutting edge technology.

Product Range

The Wizcomtech range of products Wizcomtech Ltd.has pioneered the world of personal, portable, scanning dictionaries, reading  Pens. The pocket-sized user-friendly Quicktionary® Pens enable students and people working in multilingual environments to translate and define printed text without disrupting the reading process. The  ReadingPen® products serve as assistive reading devices for people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia.


The  products are developed using a unique expertise in linguistics (morphology, spellers & dictionaries) and image acquisition and processing. The range has been awarded First' and 'Best-of-Breed'  awards in the fields of microelectronics, electro-optics (multiple patents and copyrights), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm engines. The range incorporates leading third-party technology, such as the Real SpeakTM text-to-speech module by ScanSoft® and possess cutting edge acumen in ASIC & Compact Hardware Design, porting capabilities and open architecture. Usability and ergonomics are key factors in  developing the products.


Wizcomtech range has a strong presence in the consumer and special needs markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Mediterranean. The products are used by people who want to improve their understanding and read text better - students, professionals, and laypersons of all ages. Available in a wide variety of languages the range is geared to meet the unique needs of each customer.

People with reading difficulties (at all stages and ages) use The ReadingPen® products to help them understand content, improve overall reading skills. The ReadingPen® range is proven to enhance reading ability, self confidence, the learning process and the academic success of people with learning difficulties, including learning disabilities such as dyslexia or aphasia. The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) has recognized the ReadingPen® as a technology-based approach that helps students with reading difficulties acquire better reading and comprehension skills. The range now includes a JCQ approved product that enables students in schools to take exams, without the costly alternatives.

In addition to the continual development of new products for established markets, Wizcomtech is currently focusing on creating new and improved products targeting the general education arena. These products are designed to help students of all ages (nursery to university level), improve their reading skills and overcome a variety of literacy issues.

Product Ranges:

Each Wizcomtech product is shaped like a pocket-sized Pen with a display screen and keys. Users scan printed text with the tip of the Pen, and the small optical scanner located within the tip converts the scanned data into text format. The text can then be translated, defined, read aloud, or stored on the Pen for immediate or future transfer to the PC.
Depending on the model, the Pens can:

  • Define and translate scanned words, phrases, idioms and professional terms into any of over 25 languages.
  • Read scanned words aloud.
  • Scan and transfer text immediately to PCs or handheld devices, or store text on the Pen and transfer to PC when convenient.
  • Help people with reading difficulties and special needs (such as dyslexia, aphasia, and literacy issues) understand what they read with the help of audio-visual tools and markers on the Pen.

The Wzcomtech range includes:

Translators: These include the Quicktionary® Pens and Quicktionary®2,. All-in-one products: The Quicktionary®2 Premium (also sold under the SuperPen® brand) translates, defines, and stores text for transfer to the PC. The Quicktionary®2 Premium

Special needs: The ReadingPen® products are specially designed to help people with reading disabilities improve their reading and comprehension. Using a well-known monolingual dictionary, these Pens display the scanned words in large fonts, divide the words into syllables and read the words aloud. The Pens have the additional functionality of being able to spell the scanned words aloud, letter-by-letter. The ReadingPen™ line offers an exciting and stimulating way for struggling student readers to easily and effectively improve their reading skills. The Exampen™ the latest addition to the range, enables students with dyslexia to take exams independently without the complicated and costly alternative the product has the JCQ approval.

Wizcom tech products were nominated in the  final 8 products in BETT 2015 for ICT Solutions for Reading Difficulties.

Translation dictionaries
Some of the Pens feature built-in licensed dictionaries from well-known publishers such as Houghton Mifflin, Oxford University Press, Brockhaus Duden New Media, Taishukan Publishing Co., Van Dale Lexicography, Norstedts, Sanseido, J.W. Cappelens Forlag a.s., WSOY, etc. Some of the products are fitted with additional memory, allowing users to download and switch between any of the 28 proprietary dictionaries.

Customer support

We take pride in our personal approach to customer support, which is available from Allin Technology or directly from Wizcomtech.