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Using the Exam Pen saves money and is a more unobtrusive solution

School Exam Officer Testimonial

“An absolute life saver”

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“Quite useful in Maths”

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“A significant number use the Exam Pen and they quite like them”

Teacher Testimonial

“We have been pleased with the results”

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ReadingPen TS Classroom Set

Handy 10-Pen set for use in the classroom
Base price £1,549.00
Sales price £1,858.80
Sales price without tax £1,549.00

Designed to make using the ReadingPen® in the classroom as easy as possible.

The Classroom Set consists of 10 ReadingPen®s packaged into a custom built hard carry case with 10 sets of headphones, training devices, batteries.

User manuals are included.

USpic 1120 wide


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